Be productive and stay healthy

The one thing everyone is complaining about this days is how quarantine makes them go insane, yet that is not true and here’s why:
As all the family gathered now in one place, everyone is concerned with his own “work from home” and that clearly must take all your time leaving you no space to live a normal and organized stay-in.   So what you need to do is use some of the technologies we all have, make your dishwasher do the job for you, the microwave, the laundry machine , coffee machine. You are just making things to sound bad, you need to stop making excuses and do the job.
Prioritize to do-list:  meaning that you should set a list of things you need to do today, how to do them and what is the perfect time to do so.
Pairing activities : you don’t need to do all things separate for example, you can put your laundry in the machine and use the microwave while you making a  video call however some things must be done solely and given all the attention which brings us to the next point
Full attention to family: during the isolation you have a chance to live truly with family spend more time with your kids teach them new skills, help them grow and have them satisfied from your tenderness.
In quarantine everything seems tough to do, but maybe there’s goddess in that, perhaps you have an unfinished works, you’re a writer now is the perfect time to finish your book and by the end of the lockdown you hit the sales. Let’s say you’re a programmer quarantine for sure will hand you some brand new ideas to work on and give the chance to complete you projects and develop others.
More importantly is to stay fit. A precious time to work out, eat healthy and take a good care of your body avoid stress and try to form an atmosphere of joy and happiness with your family. That’s all what matters now until the world Finlay gets rid of this heinous pandemic.

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