China sends medical support to the U.S.

                                         China's Elite steps in for help

Facing a serious lack of medical supplies US calls for assistance.
A move that could straighten the relationship between the two countries, china that has been a very helpful country amid the covid19 not only provided support for Italy, France, Spain and many other countries, but also the United states as the hospitals and state officials desperate shortage in masks and other necessary gear needed to face the coronavirus outbreak.
China with its factories can make it easy but the Washington hostility towards Beijing and the previous accusations to china on spreading the virus can’t just make things go easy. But some of china’s elite and others who have interests in keeping the two countries relationships alive are stepping in to help.
A group of individuals, academics and former diplomats have responded to the call, an elite of china’s finest including people like Jack Ma and Joseph Tsai, the co-founders of Ali baba, the Chinese e-commerce giant; Mark Benioff, the co-founder of Salesforce and Yichen Zhang, the chairman of Citic capital, a major Chinese investment firm.
Mr Zhang responded to help one of Citic capital’s portfolio companies, which got into the business of making protective gear for china during its own outbreak, and Yale University which his daughter attends. He sent 10.000 masks and 40 protective gowns to Yale’s health clinic.
The trump administration has blamed china for global spread of the coronavirus, as trump has also accused china for taking Americans jobs and launched a trade war against china. Two-thirds of Americans now hold unpleasant views of china, according to a pew research centre survey released this week, the highest level since it began asking the question in 2005.
The companies and individuals are acting at a time of yawning gaps, both in the vast and important U.S. - china relationships and in the American government’s own response. The trump administration has frustrated states by telling them to buy their own equipment and has struggled to meet the nation’s growing demands. And filling those gaps could refresh and restore the image of china in the eyes of many Americans.
Mr Jack Ma china’s richest has chartered a plane to New York in March to deliver more than one million masks and testing kits, among other donations among the world.
As New York governor asked for the state to provide ventilators and protective gears, Mr Tsai and his wife arranged the delivery of 2.000ventalors and millions of masks and goggles to the state.
This actions taken by china might be a start to let go of the current situation and begin to hold new relationship as the virus can only be defeated if the nations over the world stand as one and be in the assistance of other countries.

Source: NYT

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