CIA begins to scan wuhan lab

US intelligence has been reportedly started a full investigation on Wuhan lab in china after suspicions of deliberate spread of the pandemic.
Scientists allowed the novel covid19 to escape lab as a mean of botched experiment which lead to a global pandemic. claimed the US. these claims which are strongly denied by the chinese authorities, while American analysts currently work on details to determine if the claims were true in order to decide how Washington will hold china accountable for the pandemic.
In its side china stands its ground and insists that its Wuhan lab  has not participated in spreading the virus or as the US claims to be a bio-weapon. and emphasizing that as the scientific consensus holds that the SARS-coV-2, the official name of the coronavirus, originated in bats. even though the first confirmed case in Wuhan was a person who had no connection to the Huanan Wholesale seafood market.
Meanwhile Washington is still working to decide the nature and the source of the novel pandemic as they request assistance from the chinese authorities, in which Defense Secretary MarkEsper  said " I don't believe the chinese government has been transparent about the coronavirus" while Mike Pompeo told that the china needs to "open up" about the Virus and how it has been originated in the country.

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