Could sunlight protect us from covid19

                           Sunlight believed to prevent coronavirus

The idea of sunlight being protective from covid19 can be true.
While people all over the world are searching for some cheap ways of protecting themselves from the pandemic, one very simple idea is believed to be a sufficient and easy method.
President Donald Trump himself had speculated about the sunlight method and ultraviolet rays as a panacea at a white house conference news on Thursday. Hospitals already have begun deploying artificial ultraviolet C-light for the first time to sanitize the scarce N95 respirators for reuse.
At homes the frightened consumers are snapping up UVC sanitizing gadgets such as phone soap to disinfect everything from cell phones to their own credit cards, while some are hanging their gloves in the daylight sun.
The white house promoted as well new lab findings saying that heat and sunlight slows coronavirus.
However artificial ultraviolet are likely deadly for treating an infected patient, scientist say, and some of them can be extremely dangerous if used at home for disinfecting.
Of the three types of ultraviolet light, UVC is the most dangerous one, established for water and air sanitizing, and it is one that people should never miss with. The invisible light is highly carcinogenic, with disinfecting results that differ widely in professional settings depending on the setup.
Sunlight has dual nature. Wavelengths from 10 to 400 nanometres are known as ultraviolet.
The parts of this spectrum that reach earth’s surface are the longer UVA and UVB rays, vital for all life and for humans to produce vitamin D and other essential body processes, but can also cause tanning,  sunburn, skin cancer and wrinkles depending on each person’s skin type.
“Sunlight definitely kill things. It’s just really slowly “said Andrea Silverman, environmental engineering and global health professor at the University of New York, who studies the role of sunlight in virus decay such as in natural wastewater treatment pond system.   

Source: The WP

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