Does for a better Covid19 immunity

Does for a better Covid19 immunity
For a better protection from the Corona virus pandemic, it might just be better for you to follow some instructions provided in the list below:

WASH YOUR HANDS: this is the one and only thing that can give you a very immunity against the virus. make sure you wash your hands constantly and continuously for at least seconds.

HAND SANITIZER: just a pocket sized hand sanitizer will do it,and remember to use it every time you complete a daily action.

AVOID CROWD: if you have nothing to do, please stay at home and avoid all unnecessary encounters and meetings,and try to stay isolated.

SLEEP WELL: one of the best things to do is to get a daily scheduled and organized sleep, avoid sleepless and maintain a regular bedtime.

THINKING: the only thing that could destroy you right now is overthinking about you your

future, plans....and specially try your best not to overthink the covid19 and its consequences around the glob.

FAMILY: nowadays, is a golden chance to spend more time with your family. share love, solidarity and above all strength.

CREATE: during the self isolation, get the most of it. be creative, you got plenty of time to try new

things, hobbies, learn new skills or improve yourself by reading much, writing...

FINALLY: remember one thing, it's just a cloud and it shall go by. don't let it waste and seize the day. it's not the end of the world.

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