Earth Day: celebrate the Re-born

                                              Earth day turns 50 today

The 22nd of April is the day we celebrate Earth day.
It’s been since 1970, when the wave of coast- to coast completely gave the new born of a brand new earth in the United states as it transformed its priorities and earth become one of them in addition to landmark legislation such as the clean air act, more significantly it has created a whole new global environmental movement.
The question now is what has been changed?
Let’s take you through this and find out what has gotten better and what didn’t turn out to be better.
You remember the 1969 oil- soaked debris on the Cuyahoga River, which was one of the worst environmental accidents that lead to serious troubles for the residents of Cleveland, the water was extremely dirty and unbearable over 90 percent of drinking water was full of microbes making thousand ill.
Thanks to the environmental movement such problems no longer exist, the nation’s water is significantly cleaner.
The global warming, something before the 70s was just words on paper as saes became more acidic and oceans temperatures have soared in the last decades because of the trapping greenhouse gases and vehicles plus power plants.
All by earth day, environmentalists and policy makers all consented that no local efforts will be able to solve the nation’s environmental problems. Nations must stand together to limit pollution, plastic pollution…
Back before the Earth day US was incredibly dirty in matters of air, in the decade before1970, deaths from emphysema went over 500 percent.
A few months later, the congress passed the clean air act. It was a part of a wave of government action that would include the creation of the environmental protection agency. And thanks to all of that now America’s air is cleaner than ever. In contrast to other rising developing countries like china and India who still sink under cities of polluted Air.
  What about the Renewable energy?
Well! That is a term that was not very well known as the world back then has only known the business of oil, but now renewable energy, especially wind turbines and solar panels, have become an incredible alternative to fossil fuels, thanks to tumbling costs.
Earth day has contributed in the animal protection as well, while the bald eagle, the California condor, the Florida manatee and other endangered species of birds, fish, mammals…all rescued by earth day as the congress expanded laws that enforce the protection of endangered animals and restrict activities that could harm at-risk species.
You know the Ozone hole?
Well it’s healing, for years scientists have warned of a new danger facing the earth, something which is caused by cars, factories and the aerosol cans
By 1977 the government had banned the chemical in spray cans but obviously that’s is not enough to prevent the ozone hole from expanding.
Thus in 1987 one of human’s most important moments has come, known as the Montreal protocol, signed by the nations of the world to phase out CFCs altogether.
The earth day is not just a day we celebrate but it’s a life we all consent to preserve, a home, a shelter the only place we got and live in. the only place we call home and if we don’t stand all together to show solidarity and help each other maintain and protect our planet, because it’s the only thing that guarantees our survival and the survival and existence of the coming generations.

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