Have we learnt the lesson?

Have we learnt the lesson? Or at least have we understood what really matters?
Since man’s first appearance on the planet, he was labelled to be unique nothing like other creatures, even though the nature of him being primitive he always has been superior and destined to gain more and to rule the world one day. Indeed, he rose to become the heart of the new world and created himself a brand new place where he rules by his own rules.
Man become the king of all creatures and with the throne came the authority, the money, The power which only those who seek goodness are able to avoid the traps of this trilogy. However, man by its nature desires nothing but greatness at all costs, hence the division has begun and nations started to form each seeking its own interests and they arrived to a point where narcissism become a must have perk and quietly sank to be of the axioms. You are only good when you despise the other when you put yourself before your brother when all you’ve been taught is to work alone whatever you gain is yours, sharing is nothing but a sin and so it became a life.
Now as humanity reached its peak, arrived on the moon, dug into the unreached places in the planet, invented the uncanny technologies. Yet never learnt one single lesson in ethics, something man never thought to have any importance at all as they lack the knowledge of ethics to be the quintessence of the word “Human”.
The lesson must be learnt, lessons exist to be learnt and if that doesn’t happen spontaneously, man should face the consequences and that’s just what is happening now all over the world as a micro-unseen creature rose to set things as they should be after a long time off the course, after a long time of division, all the people in the world must hold hands and stick together to achieve a higher goal, a goal that man gave everything to keep. It’s the instinct of survival.
Coronavirus is just a lesson, another test humans must take but the consequences are determined nonetheless, what is still open to adjust and what is still available to us is to lean our lesson, to learn it by heart… and to hold up our Moto Divided we fall, together we rise.
So have we learnt the lesson?

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