Korea's Kim Jung-un might be dead

                      Korean leader's absence is getting mysterious

Kim Jung-un’s disappearance and the Korean silence about the status of its leader.
It’s been about two weeks since the last appearance of the Korean leader and speculations about his health or even his life started to grow. The country yet is still sending letters and gifts to foreign leaders under the name of Kim Jung-un. The neighboring country South Korea reiterates that it has detected nothing unusual about the country, as president trump has described reports about Kim being in grave danger after the surgery as fake and incorrect.
Nonetheless, all this couldn’t stop the rumors about Kim’s health and the future of the nuclear power after a long period in which the leader hasn’t made an appearance nor he has responded about the questions related to his health condition.
According to the news, Mr. Kim is recuperating after a minor health issue, or another hypothesis about him being in a serious problem.
One very rumor went wide is that after Kim’s French doctors were unable to wake him from his coma, Kim Pyong-il, a half-brother of Kim seized the power with the assistance of pro- Chinese elite in Pyongyang, and Kim’s powerful sister Kim Yo-jong, has been detained while Beijing is secretly bargaining with Washington over the future of north Korea and its nuclear weapon.
Mr. Kim last seen in public was on April the 11th when he attended a politburo meeting, and the rumors about his death begun after Kim didn’t attend the state’s celebration, the country’s most important holiday, the 15th of April, birthday of his father and the founder of the north Korean state Kim Il-sung.
“ north Korea’s secrecy and our lack of reliable information created breeding ground for rumors “ said Leif- Eric Easley, a professor of international studies at Ewha Woman’s university in Seoul. “ but his continued absence would be destabilizing as more people in and outside the country wonder if he is incapacitated or dead
As for President Donald Trump, he has wished more than once for Kim Jong-un to get well soon if he indeed was ill.

Source: NYT

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