Russian interference in trump'selection rises again

                       Republican backs findings on Russian interference

A senate in the Republican Party backs findings on Trump’s election.
 The Intelligence officials determine that Russia took part in the election of President Donald trump was fundamentally unattained by politics, according to a republican senate review, the findings undercut long standing allegations by Trump and his allies that the officials were biased against him.
The senate intelligence committee, which conducted the study, had given the work of the C.I.A and the F.B.I. an intermit stamp of approval, however the report on Tuesday presented new details by the senate on the government’s attempts in 2016 and 2017 to make sense of Russia’s attacks.
Much of the reports content which is considered as top confidential were blocked by the trump administration.
The endorsement by Mr Burr’s committee comes at a key moment for the intelligence agencies, yet the trump administration has stepped up its scrutiny of the agency examination of Russian interference in 2016 and the origins of the F.B.I’s Russian investigations around the same time. Trumps conservative allies have long painted the bureau’s inquiry as hopelessly tainted by politics even as independent reviews debunked the notion of anti-trump plot.
Some of them immediately criticized the senate report. Fred Fleitz, a former C.I.A officer in the trump administration described it as a “whitewash


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