The Duchess of Sussex Messages are revealed

                                        Harry and Meghan's texts revealed

 The Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Megan’s messages sent to her father before the wedding have been revealed.
Meghan claims that the newspapers have misquoted the letters to paint the couple in a less good light.
Meghan also claims tabloids, specifically those owned by the group, have caused  and Megan who moved to California after stepping back as senior royals, told UK’s tabloid press that they are ending all relations with them.
Later on Meghan brought legal actions after a letter she wrote to her father Thomas Markel, has been published In the mail on Sunday, as she confirmed that the letter was selectively edited by the paper to show her negatively.
The document says that they show the newspaper group, edited the messages that they have sent to her father before their wedding which took place on 19 may 2018.
On 5 May Meghan wrote a text letter to her father saying that she contacted him yet she got no answer after. However, on 14 May Meghan received a message from her father apologises for him not going to attend her wedding.  After several calls unanswered by Thomas, Prince Harry decided to contact Thomas Markel in person, so he wrote:
“Tom, its harry and I’m going to call you right now, please pick up, thank you”
As harry got no answer he texted him again to explain the whole situation going on and being just an incident created by the media, “ Meg and I are not angry, we just want to speak to you, thanks” Prince Harry added.
The legal document claimed newspaper’s summary of these s messages that contained significant omissions.
Meghan once more alleges that the newspaper used a very dispute which they claim justified the publication of the letter and also caused substantial damage to her relationship with father Thomas Markel.

Source: The BBC

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