The office actor chowdhry dies at 64

The Bollywood actor Ranjit Chowdhry has been reported dead.
Ranjit who rose a a prominent actor in India before turning to the US to take part in the Sitcom "The office" has died aged 64.
He suffered from a perforated intestinal ucler over the ongoing week, later on to undergo an emergency surgery at the hospital in his Hometown Bombay. However, Ranjit didn't make it and the operation wasn't a successful as his death was announced on the 15th April at 4 in the morning.
Ranjit who has already booked to go back to the US on April the 8th, unlucky him the lockdown came as India grounded international flights to cause Ranjit a stay-longer situation thus to rest peacefully in his Hometown.

RIP Ranjit.

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