The world after 2030

No doubt the world is going through hard times, a period that frightened the most leading governments around the world and the mysterious and sudden changes that occured after the covid19 went rampant and officially announcing the cases to overpass the 2 Million worldwide, with the US leading by 644.188, spain 182.816, italy 165.155 and Morocco 2.251. these numbers surely will make some changes in the world after 2030 a year that will unleash new powers probably from the eastern side of the word precisely china and its allies in the asian continent. currencies will drawn some of them will witness its lowest rates ever, as for the alliances it's clearly a big change coming as many European countries were disappointed by the EU itself such as spain and italy that suffered badly from the pandemic luckily offered help by outsider countries like china and turkey and maybe this would reinforce the Brexit and certainly other exist will take place.
For countries in the third world thing are quite different, perhaps it would eventually work out for them as the pandemic revealed the weakness and fragility of their ongoing systems and will certainly emphasize how in dire times there's no choice but counting on their own. for example, in Morocco where young inventors given the opportunity already invented homeland inventions like artificial respirators and medical masks.
Furthermore the world will see changes in laws, rights and regulations will be taken especially in the sensitive fields like health, economy and homeland security. countries will be obliged to reconsider to their Anti-pandemic policies and procedures and likely reconsider budget.
Finally, the good things that will be carried out by the pandemic concern especially the planet as NASA confirmed that the green planet is healing and taking back its strength plus the shrinking of the Ozone hole.
The world clearly will have to change at some point as everything has a limit and when that is reached somethings must be changed or taken off so that a decision will be made either a flourishing era or a retreating to the uncertainty, only us can decide...only us can take the move.

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