Trump instructs to shoot Iranian gunboats

                                  Navy ordered to attack Iranian gunboats 

In a first Trump tweets to start a war.
Donald trump has instructed the Navy to shoot down any Iranian gunboat in the sea as they show any kind of harassment to the united states ships.
" I have instructed the united states navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea" Trump said.
The comments flooded on trump calling him "Unbearable" and accusing him of trying to start a war with Iran as other said " that's a nice way to keep us safe".
In other new Trump wrote that the states are "safely" reopening and the country is opening for business, " special care is, and always will be to our seniors( except me), their lives will be better than ever" 
this came as trump finally stated that the Green Cards are issued to cease and there will be no Immigrants allowed in the country.

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