Trump stands with L.G.B.T.

       US tends to cut intelligence with Anti-Homo countries 

The trump administration is considering cutting back on sharing intelligence with Anti- homosexuality societies.
U.S. considers its intelligence community as a must share, the American values must be pushed toward the countries that U.S. deals with.
“We cannot just simply make the moral argument and expect other to respond in kind, because telling other that’s the right thing to do doesn’t always work. But to fight for decriminalization is to fight for basic human rights” said Richard Grenell.
Mr Grenell is thought to be the first openly gay cabinet member and has put Anti-discrimination the first thing to stand for in his agenda.
This move is a part of similar efforts to stand the L.G.B.T community. As Stuart milk, head of the Harvey milk foundation, is too the first openly gay elected official in a major American city.
“ Mr Grenell reached out to work with his organization on decriminalization, he was clearly about the trump administration’s poor record on L.G.B.T. rights, particularly given its efforts for transgender troops in the military” Said Mr Milk.
Mr Grenell said he had the backing of the white house “we have the president’s total support” he said. “This is an American value, and it’s the United States’ policy”.
Mr Grenell has also suggested in meeting that foreign aid be used as an incentive to prod countries with bans on homosexuality to remove them, said Hadi Damien, the founder of Lebanon’s Beirut pride group who participated in the discussion Mr Grennell held as ambassador to Germany, but Mr Grenell has been careful to try to use aid as an incentive to alter laws, not sanction against countries.

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