Trump: will states enforce social distancing in Ramadan

Donald trump wonders if the states will enforce the social distancing on Muslims during Ramadan
Retweeted by trump, conservative author, Paul Sperry says let’s see if authorities will enforce social distances. Something that came as a result after churches were ordered to limit their activities as states led by democrats sought to limit church services which ignite criticizes by some states like Kansas and Kentucky that have already sued governors over lockdown orders.
President trump added that states have been targeting churches unfairly by forbidding religious gatherings due to the coronavirus while he assumes that the same thing will not be taken in consideration with Muslims during Ramadan.
“You know I just spoke with leaders and people that love mosques’ the president said ‘they love mosques! And I am all in favour for that “
However, reporters have asked trump if he somehow believes that Imams will encourage their congregants to disobey the authorities instructions about social distancing, trump answered “I just had a call with the Imams, just had a call with the ministers, the rabbis. We had a tremendous call with the faith leaders, Trump continues. No I don’t think that at all I am someone that believes in faith. And it matters not what your faith is but what really seem to happen is that our politicians seems to treat faiths differently.
Ramadan, which begins sundown this Thursday, is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, in which Muslims do not eat or drink between down and sunset.

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