Two officers wounded and a dead hijacker in Texas

car chase in Texas after a bus was reported hijacked.
Early this morning in Texas, an armed man hijacked a public bus in Texas causing a police chase in multiple cities resulting in two wounded officers and a fatal ending to the gunman.
The hijacker is reported to take the bus in Dallas transit bus having only one passenger already on the bus in Richardson, Texas. The gunman opened fire, smashed the windows and forced the driver to keep driving, the unidentified shooter did not gave the driver any specific destination nor did he provide the reason behind his action.
The driver however managed to alert the police without getting himself compromised nor attracting the shooter’s awareness. The transit bus driver has drove through several cities in Dallas Fort Worth region, specifically Richardson, garland, Rowlett and Rockwall. Nearly 30 miles in total.
The police immediately responded to the alert, two police officers were wounded one from the Dallas area and the other from the Garland police department both were injured but not life-threatening wounds.
Around the noon the chase came to an end when the shooter exited the bus and took part in a deadly shootout with police later on announced his dead at the scene.

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