U.S. gymnastics coach suspended for 8 years

             former coach Maggie Haney faces 8 years suspension 

Former team USA gymnastics coach gets 8 year ban.
The former USA gymnastics coach Maggie Haney is reportedly suspended from coaching amid allegations of verbal abuse and mistreatment of athletes.
On its online list of suspended and restricted persons, USA gymnastics, said Maggie Haney was suspended from all contact from Thursday until April 30, 2028.
Maggie was accused of verbally abusing and mistreating gymnasts, forcing them to train even if injured, according to numerous reports.
Haney owns the MG Elite gymnastics in Morganville, New Jersey, where she trained Laurie Hernandez, who won gold at the 2016 Rio games, and Riley McCusker, who was on the US team that won gold at the 2018 Doha world championship.
The suspension was handed down by an independent panel after hearing into complaints of abuse against her, the New York Times reported on Wednesday.
Haney was accused by parents and other witnesses of humiliating gymnasts, sometimes “fat shaming” girls as young as 10 according to the Orange county register.
Haney’s case comes during a dire time for the US gymnastics, which is still shaken by the scandal over former team doctor Larry Nassar, who was jailed for sexually abusing dozens of athletes.
Haney will have to undergo a two-year probation at the end of her suspension period before any eventual return to the sport.  

Source: Daily Mail

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