U.S. to suspend Immigration

                               Donald trump plans to suspend Immigration       

Trump aims at closing the U.S. to save the Americans.
On Monday evening Donald trump said that he intends to close the United States in the face of the new immigrants who seek jobs and living, it’s a drastic move he added to protect the Americans from foreigners’ competition over jobs once the coronavirus pandemic is over and the recovering of the economy starts.
“IN light of the attack from the invisible enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of GREAT America, citizens. I will be signing an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration to the United States” Trump wrote on twitter. However, weeks before the Trump administration health many conferences in which trump justifies the restriction of the immigration yet even before trump had limited the expansion of the travel and slowed the visa processing and moved towards a cease of immigrants into the US, something which have alarmed the immigration advocates who have said that trump is using the global pandemic to make it even hard to the immigrants and powering the immigration policies.
Trump’s announcement on Monday signals his most attempt to seal the country from the rest of the world as he plans to give a formal order to temporarily barring the provision of new green cards and work visas something which is probably to happen soon as several people who are familiar with trump’s moves said.
Under these circumstances the trump administration would no longer approve any visa into the US without a deadly line of staying in.
As for workers who have been receiving visa to do specialized works in the US they are too denied the permission to enter the United States.
The president and his advisors in the white house argue that barring the immigration to the U.S. would come as a great deal to us and would avoid the country further troubles as the possibility of new comers from hot spots of coronavirus around the world would be catastrophic for the country as the ban could relive the American health care system
Trump’s priority is to protect the American workers from losing their jobs I light of the competition they would get by the immigrants arriving after the lockdown is ceased.
Stephen Miller, the architect of trump’s immigration agenda has pushed repeatedly for regulations and executive actions that would decrease the number of immigrants entering each year, emphasizing that the immigrants drain the American society and drive down salaries as well as taking the jobs that are deserved primarily by the native-born Americans.

SOURCE: New York Times

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