USS Theodore Roosevelt crew tested positive

                      955 USS carrier crew tested positive for covid19

955 crew of the coronavirus –stricken USS Theodore Roosevelt have now tested positive for the infection disease.
The latest numbers show an increase of 115 new  cases of coronavirus among those on board the warship since Friday, with all of its 4.983 crew members now tested.
One sailor has been hospitalized other 14 have recovered and unfortunately one member has died.
The USS Theodore Roosevelt made it to the public when a letter written by its captain Brett Crozier leaked, urging officials to address the outbreak onboard.
The captain was fired later on April 2nd  by then acting Navy secretary Thomas Modly.
Amid pressures from top Navy officials to reconsider the decision, defence secretary Mark Esper is said to be rethinking to reinstating Crozier.
About nearly one in every five crew members have now tested positive for the virus, as demands to reinstate the fired captain grow each day.
As for Tuesday morning the latest updates from the pentagon say 955 members of the battleship crew have been positively diagnosed for the coronavirus, with the whole 4.983 crew members have been tested for the disease.
The chief naval operation, Admiral Michael M. Gilday, and the acting navy secretary, James McPherson, pushed Esper to reinstate Crozier to his position Friday in a shocking turn of events.
However Esper has not yet went over the demand and asked for more time to analyse the decision.
If he does made the decision or the white house get involved all remain unclear to the moment, Esper has been expected to announce the results of the Navy’s investigation into the matter Friday afternoon.
But defence officials told CNN the press conference had been cancelled and phone calls between top lawmakers, Esper and the Navy regarding the matter have now been postponed until next week.
As for Crozier who is said to have reached the breaking point when he went behind the protocol and sent the memo urging navy officials to respond more urgently to the coronavirus outbreak on board USS Theodore Roosevelt, seriously fearing for the lives of his crew members.
Friends of 30- years old veteran would have known that sending that email would likely end his career but he persevered regardless.

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