Ban on Islamic face coverings will remain in France

                      Even after the country mandated face Masks 

France is still banning Islamic face coverings even in the time of the Pandemic.
Now France has made wearing medical face masks mandatory for all citizens during the coronavirus pandemic, yet it will not change the country’s policies concerning the controversial ban on Islamic face coverings.
The government confirmed that its years-long ban on wearing burqas and niqabs in public will remain in place, even as wearing face masks become obligatory on Monday. While French citizens nationwide will be covering their faces, women who do so with Islamic grab are still subject to punishment.
“Can the Islamophobia be any more transparent” Human rights watch executive director Kenneth Roth said on twitter.” The French government mandates masks but still bans the burqa
France has begun its mandatory mask policy on Monday as a part of what the government called” a new chapter” in its emergence from a strict coronavirus lockdown. Some business and schools will reopen, and people can now travel up to 60 miles far from home.
The France ban on headscarves began in 2004, on grounds that the state institutions are supposed to be religiously neutral. The ban also extended to Christians crosses and the yarmulkes worn by observant Jews.
In 2010 France banned face-covering niqabs and burqas in public, framing it as a move to promote open and equal interaction in society. The act set off protests where some people clashed with police.

Source: CBS

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