Breaking: heat doesn't kill the virus

                     Study finds warm weather can't prevent the virus

Temperature has no impact on the virus, study finds.
A study by the University of Toronto studied all 144 geopolitical areas worldwide in which 10 or more cases of coronavirus were documented by March 20.
On Thursday, the study has been published in the Canadian medical association journal, and found that there is almost no links between the spread of the pandemic and the temperature, yet documented a strong association with reduced spread of the virus and restrictions on mass gatherings, school closures and social distancing.
Researches noticed a weak association with humidity and diminished speared, but said public health restriction are far and away the most effective means of combating the pandemic and reduce its spread.
“In our study, only public health interventions were consistently associated with reduced epidemic growth, and the greater the number of co-occurring public health interventions, the larger the reduction in growth,” the researchers wrote.
University of Toronto and the co-author of the study, epidemiologist Professor Dionne Gesink said in the release “summer is not going to make this go away, its important people know that. Moreover, the more public health interventions an area had in place, the bigger the impact on slowing the epidemic growth”.

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