Cities to recover from recession will be less populated

                                as crowded areas will be deemed risky

Durham, North Carolina and San Jose, California are among the US cities that can expect to bonus back quicker from the coronavirus pandemic and the recession caused by its subsequent shutdown, a new report said
Low population density and educational attainment are the two key factors that will aid recovery in metro areas, leaving familiar names such as Honolulu, Hawaii and Miami Florida struggling in comparison according to the report from Moody’s analytics.
More density populated areas could be considered a risky post-shutdown while a high reliance on the tourism and consumer industries left cities such as Las Vegas more exposed to the economic impact of the pandemic.
The most dynamic recoveries may well bypass traditional power houses and take place instead in areas that were not poised to lead the way in 2020 before everything changed.
While educational attainment is a major factor, economic recovery will depend heavily on the population density of a city.

Source: Daily Mail

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