Covid19 survivors permanently banned from joining the US army

            US military will no longer be for coronavirus survivors 

The US military will not be available for coronavirus survivors.
According to a memo from the U.S. military Entrance processing command, the military will no longer accept recruiting files of the coronavirus survivors.
The memo which has been circulating on the internet were confirmed by the pentagon describing that as “interim guidance” first reported by the Military times.
“During the medical history interview or examination, a history of covid19, confirmed by either a laboratory or a clinical diagnosis, is permanently disqualifying” the memo reads.
If any applicant is doubted to be tested positive for the coronavirus, they can return to the MEPS if they’re symptom free after 14 days.
Anyone who tests positive through a lab or a clinical test can return to MEPS after 28 days after their diagnosis.
However, their applications will be marked as “permanently disqualifying” and applicants can request a waiver the memo offers no further guidance for possible covid19 exceptions, meaning that “a review authority would have no justification to grant a waiver”. Says the Military times.
The ban applies uniquely to coronavirus survivors while allowing applicants with histories of other viral non-chronic illness to enter the military. The ban may also result from limited research on covid19 as there’s still much that’s unknown about the virus.


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