Family gets attacked by fake delivery drivers

                         Opened fire on a kid and slashed dad's head

Fake delivery drivers viciously attacked a family inside their house.
The 11 year old kid who peacefully was playing his video games when the gang attacked his family house in Upminster, East London will probably suffer from life changing injuries.
The father opened the door after hearing the doorbell believing it was a parcel being delivered at 9.30 PM on Friday.
The burglars then rushed into the house heading towards expensive property after slashing his head and shouting for the security box, before yelling “we want the money from the safe”.
The son was shot as he was playing a computer game during the raid.
As it was claimed that the attackers used a knife to threaten the throat of a woman in the house.
A 16 year old boy and another 18 years old teen were questioned by the local police over the shocking attack, however the youngest was bailed out and the other one was set free without charge.
After the attack the dad got out with blood all over his head screaming for help as a car stops by to the rescue and called 999 telling them that there has been a terrible crime and victims that are seriously injured.
When the police and the paramedics arrived they found the boy with a gunshot injury, not life threatening, but definitely life changing as he remains in hospital with a stable condition

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