Individual accessed GoDaddy accounts

                             About 28.000 accounts were accessed


GoDaddy confirmed that an unknown individual managed to access its users accounts.
According to, BleepingComputer, GoDaddy has informed its users around the world that unauthorized individual had gained access to login information of the company’s hosting accounts.
GoDaddy said that even though the accounts were accessed, there is no evidence that the accessed accounts were modified or reset as the password of those infected were reset by the firm. Nonetheless, the company is still advising the customers to review their accounts to make sure.
GoDaddy also confirmed that only the login and password information were compromised and the main account had not been breached.
The person who is responsible for the breach was discovered after GoDaddy found an altered SSH file- a cryptographic protocol used in security as well as suspicious activity on its server.
“We immediately reset these usernames and passwords, removed the offending SSH file from our platform, and have no indication the threat actor used costumers’ credentials or modified any customer hosting accounts.
For this GoDaddy says it will provide customers with infected accounts malware scanning software for a duration of one year.

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