N95 masks banned after failing the test

                        after millions have already been sold to hospitals 

They have been disapproved to use after just weeks of entering the US.
As they failed to offer adequate protection against the coronavirus, the American food and drug administration has called for cancellation of the selling of N95 masks that have been imported from some manufacturers in china.
An amount of these respirators failed to demonstrate a minimum particulate filtration efficiency of 95 percent upon testing, the agency said.
The N95 has been listed by the centre of diseases control and prevention as a critical protective supply that must be reserved for the use of health care workers as it filters at least 95 percent of airborne particles.
On Thursday, following the FDA’s move. A decision has been made last month to ask china to review new export quality control rules for protective equipment needed, so as it will not be an obstacle to the timely supplies.
Up to now more than 65 manufacturers have been banned from selling their masks inside the United States due to their inability to fulfil safety requirements and failing in the qualification tests, the New York Times reported.
Even though they no longer had to go through rigorous US testing before sale in the US, testing is still happening after the protective gear is brought to market.
Right after the shortage of masks the US suffered from in the last months, health care workers had to manage their own protective gear and so forced to sanitize and reuse personal protective equipment or use masks that provide less protection than N95.
In spite of the failure in April, the FDA didn’t revoke the selling privilege of those 65 companies until Thursday may 7.

Source:Daily Mail

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