New case in Wuhan sinca a month

                    Wuhan confirmed its new covid19 case in a month

The city of Wuhan the epicentre of the novel coronavirus pandemic has declared its first coronavirus case since April 3, according to local health officials.
The new coronavirus patient is reported to be in a critical condition, as his wife is also tested positive for the virus and reported as an asymptomatic case. The patient lives in a neighbourhood that has recorded 20 confirmed cases overall.
The new case is lined to past community infection according to the Wuhan health commission, citing medical experts. Five patients from the community showing no symptoms, including the new patient’s wife, have been sent to hospital for observation.
China’s national and local health commissions do not include asymptomatic cases in their confirmed cases counts.
China has reopened Wuhan’s borders after a 76-day lockdown on April 8. As of Saturday 50.334 total cases have been confirmed in the city , according to the commission.

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