Pence: I should have worn a mask

                       VP Mike Pence didn't  thought it was "necessary"  

Vice president didn’t worn the mask, and now he regrets it.
Pence said on Sunday that he should have worn the mask while visiting the Mayo clinic last week. He was eviscerated in the public eyes following his Tuesday visit where he met with several doctors and patients but went behind the Minnesota medical centre’s guidelines as he refused to wear a mask.
“I didn’t think it was necessary, but I should have worn a mask at the Mayo clinic” said VP
Critics slammed Mike Pence amid his decision that underestimated the country’s efforts to slow down the spread of the coronavirus which has already killed more than 68.000 across the US.
Pence added that he and the president are being tested for the virus regularly and on a daily basis, so he saw no need to wear the mask as he is confident the has not carrying the virus.
His foregoing of the mask clearly violates the clinic’s rules and guidelines which strictly requires the staff and the visitors to wear medical masks in accordance with CDC guidelines.
Both social media users and the politicians criticized Pence for not respecting the clinic’s rules on wearing masks but he and second lady Karen Pence defended his action by saying that he was not aware of the policy.
Nonetheless, a tweet by the official Mayo clinic’s account has clarified the issue and said that Pence was informed of the policy and the necessity of wearing a mask before he entered the clinic, but the tweet was deleted later on.

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