Reopened states fail to meet trump's guidelines

                      some have been already opened and others soon

The reopened states in the United States failed to follow the trump administration’s guidelines.
As more than half of the U.S. states are reopening their economies or others that plan to reopen soon, many of them fail to meet the criteria set by the trump administration to resume states’ activities and reopening for the economy.
The white house’s guidelines are nonbinding and ultimately leave states’ fates to governors. The criteria suggest the states should have a downward trajectory of either documented coronavirus cases or of the percentage of positive tests. Public health experts expressed criticism because downward trajectory was not defined and the metrics do not specify a threshold for case numbers or positive rates.
However, the majority of the states still are not able to adhere to the recommendations given by the trump administration.
After many weeks of total shutdown, 30 states have started to open and others are preparing to reopen and resume economy and other parts of public life.
Nonetheless, most of the newly reopened states have seen an increase in coronavirus positive cases than the few weeks before.
If a state has not had a decrease in cases, the white house said it could still be reopened if its share of positive coronavirus tests was lower than 14 days before. These states have a higher average of positive test results than two weeks before.


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