US pulls out Anti-missiles from Saudi Arabia

                         Making the end of defense system against Iran

The United States pulls out powerful patriot missile systems from Saudi Arabia.
This came after the country has been determined that the threat from Iran that sparked an arms buildup in the region last year had waned, a defence department official said Thursday.
Two of the anti-missile batteries deployed following the September attacks on Saudi oil installations are now leaving the official said on condition of anonymity.
Two other batteries had been kept in the region in March following an attack by pro-Iran factions on the Iraqi base oh Taji, north of Baghdad. Two Americans and one British soldier were killed in the attack.
“I think everyone knew it was going to be temporary at the time, unless things got bad” the official said.
The batteries return will also mark the withdrawal of 300 US personnel who operate them.
Late last year the pentagon deployed about 3.000 extra troops, fighter jets and other hardware along with the patriots in the wake of the attack on oil installations and subsequent rise in the tension in the Gulf.
The US has also expanded the navy presence in the region.

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