WHO warns against self-medication

                       Tanzania to import herbal cure against covid19

President of Tanzania says he will import herbal cure to the coronavirus.
The president said he is going to send a plane to Madagascar to import herbal tonic which has been believed to function as a cure for coronavirus.
The drink launched and promoted as a cure for covid19 and has been marketed after it was tested on fewer than 20 people on a duration of three weeks, the president chief of staff Lova Hasinirina told the BBC.
World health organisation has responded to these claims and confirmed that the organization did not recommend any vaccine nor did it recommend self-medication with any medicines as a prevention of the novel coronavirus.
The US national centre of complementary and integrative health warned against self-medication including herbal therapies and tea, emphasizing that the best way to avoid coronavirus is by sheltering in place.
The drink has also been exported by many other African countries including Congo Brazzaville, Guinea-Bissau
“I am communicating with Madagascar, and they have already sent a letter saying they have discovered some medicine, we will despatch a flight to bring the medicine so that Tanzanians can also benefit. So as the government we are working day and night” he said.
The country has 480 confirmed cases of coronavirus while Congo Brazzaville has 229 and Madagascar with 135 confirmed cases.


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