Chadwick Boseman: the last battle

                                          Black panther's last fight

In August 28, 2020 the world and the Marvel cinematic universe woke up to the tragic news  of Marvel's superhero Chadwick Boseman's death, the later which plays the role of an African superhero AKA Black panther.
chadwick began his acting career with small television appearances, to move later to hit the big screen with films such as 42 in which Bosman plays the role of the baseball player Jackie Robinson and portraying the Icon James Brown in Get on Up.
However, Boseman's big bite was as superhero Black panther, in which he has gained reprise and positive critics for his immeasurable performance in a leading role.
In 2016 Boseman has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer stage 3. nevertheless, he kept it confidential and told no one about his sickness even while taking treatment involving several surgeries and chemotherapy.
since then Chadwick has been working on several movies including Marshall and Black panther, a period in which he was suffering secretly from the disease but chose to keep it to himself.
chadwick died at his home as a result to the complications concerning his cancer with his family and friends around him.
many fellow actors have showed sympathy and wrote on their social media accounts paying tribute to their late friend including Robert downey Jr. kevin Hart, Michael B. Jordan and the Marvel cinematic universe's official account. 
Wakanda Forever the famous phrase from the movie has went viral all over the world after his death as a sign of solidarity and love.

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