Coming back to school

                                     the new season is here 

It is undeniable that lately dozens of parents all over the world are put into test as their children are about to hit the school gates once more. But this year is somehow unprecedentedly rather eerie to the kids themselves as they are demanded to take part in an atmosphere which is currently filled with stress, fear and unfit to their age, Coronavirus; a novel horrid pandemic that took over the world about six months ago is now gaining strength more than ever. 
In France after several schools have been opened for the new school season challenging the virus, however the majority of these schools have been disclosed to be sealed again after the spread of the virus among the students and teachers, the same scenario happened in various countries over the globe namely in the U.S., UK, France…etc.
Amid these unstable conditions and the uncertainty of whether to carry on with the season or put off the study until a further notice and keep the distanced learning, here is a must-do list for your child in order to keep him safe in case they resume their school season.
Safety comes within: the first thing that will protect your child is you, a set of instructions must be followed inside your home in other for your child to get used to them which will result in protecting himself outside the house.
This is serious: don’t forget to remind your child constantly with the seriousness of the pandemic and its aftermaths. Know that you child will listen to you sometimes but not always. Thus, make sure that you do not forget your role as a present and must-be respected figure.
Transport: if available no need to sign up your son for the school bus this year it will only make things worse, it’s not safe out there anymore.
Precautions: don’t hesitate to say no. yes! We all encounter some covidiots that supplant masks and disinfectants out of their basics, it’s a matter of survival. Wear your mask, so if anybody asks or comes near you by any manner say no please!
Life box: hand sanitizer, mask, social distancing….all are concepts that your son should get accommodated to and the best way to do that is “ imitating” if your kid sees his mom or dad wear a mask he will do the same, so be responsible, be rational.
Finally, it’s up to you, whether to send your kid to a school or not. Maybe home-schooling would be better for all of our children nowadays. And until all goes away, stay safe.    

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