Kidnapped, raped and killed

A 11 years old child's tragedy

This is the 11 years old boy Aadnane Bouchouf, who was brutally raped, killed after  kidnapped.
About 6 days ago, his family released a declaration pleading Moroccans to help find their absent child who was reportedly been out to buy medicine for his father.
His case has become a national concern in Morocco since the first day of his disappearance.
Days after, a picture of him with a strange mid-20s man went viral and suspicions to be his kidnapper were increasing.
Meanwhile, local police in Tangier have already begun investigation declaring that they have managed to arrest a man who is believed to be the perpetrator in question.
On September 12, 2020 the habitants of Tangier woke up to the news that Aadnane's corps has been found near his own house, he was kidnapped, raped and killed by a senseless Savage and burried his body next to his neighborhood.
Tangier police department disclosed today that they successfully completed investigation of the case and the perpetrator is in the hands of justice while the Moroccan society is on fire nowdays as a hashtag of Aadnane went viral with many other activists claim to restore death penalty.

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