Don Trump critics Dad's ban on twitter

                                                                "Free speech is no more"

After his father got banned from twitter amid the latest events that the country has been seeing for the last days, don Trump Jr has come out with firing statements criticizing twitter for banning his father.

Trump on friday was no more a member on twitter as he was banned, the company says that Trump's tweets are way more than free speech but rather encouraging riots and destruction in the streets

many more of Trump's closest friends and politicians have also been banned

" the world is laughing at america and Mao, Lenin, stalin are smiling. big tech is able to censor the president" said don Jr

in the last days don Jr and many other republicans witnessed a drop of their followers on social media while democrats have gained thousands and thousands of new followers

as a result a mass transition of republicans took place to sites like Gab and Parler, these sites claimed that in the last days they witnessed over 10.000 new signups per hour.

 meanwhile twitter, facebook and others still haven't made any statement if the ban will be taken or it will last for more despite of twitter describing its ban as permanent.

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