France: a predicted bird flu outbreak


A foreseen outbreak of a “highly pathogenic” type of bird flu is one of France’s other concerns besides the Omicron variant.

Detected in a poultry farm alongside the borders with Belgium, French authorities have given prime attention to the matter to avoid any future catastrophe. According to the agriculture minister, it’s the first time since an outbreak last winter that the flu has been detected in a French farm, even though multiple cases have been found in wildlife and in poultry farm backyard.

FAF “French agency for food” announced that the analysis of all affected birds has started, and all birds that may be carrying the flu in the northwest town of Warhem will be slaughtered, in addition to a wide range surveillance of approximate 10 Kilometer near the scene.

On the Belgian side, in the province of West Flanders, extra precautions are set by the government to ensure the safety of the area. While other near towns like De Panne and Veurne…farmers were asked to ensure that their birds are caged, as well as refraining from attending bird or poultry shows in the area.

“ consumption of poultry and eggs present no risks to humans” French minister added.

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