Omicron variant: A new worry

                             Omicron takes over Major cities 

 Since its first appearance in China, Coronavirus has taken a lot of lives, leaving families desperate and unsure of their near future. However, that changed with the new releases of Covid19 vaccines.

unfortunately, in the previous few days a new variant has surged into existance. Omicron variant, the cases found so far are not threatening, as newly 13 cases detected in Netherlands, 2 cases in Australia and Denmark. while cases started to increase, some countries declared state of emergency and has taken immediate precautions, Isreal for instance announcing banning foreiners for two weeks.

Experts in their side declared that the new variant may take some time to determine its harmfulness and it will likely be more dangerous and contagious  than the previous variants.

according to the world health organization, the Omicron first case came from South Africa which later spread into Britain, passengers coming from the the African country.

The variant apparently has thrown attention to the disparities of the vaccines and vaccination rates all over the world, even though in most European countries the majority of people begin to have their third dose booster, while in underdeveloped countries citizens are struggeling to get the very first dose.

" while we still need to know more about the Omicron, we do know that as long as large portions of people are not vaccinated , variantas will keep to appear, and the pandemic will continue to be prolonoged " said Seth Barkley, CEO of GAVI vaccine Alliance.

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