Teachers' crisis is only getting worse in Morocco

   Morrocan teachers' protests are up again

Teachers in front of the Ministry of education HQ - Rabat

Since 2018, when teachers’ movement against the government decrees surged into life, Moroccan streets have never been empty of teachers. Protests that spanned over weeks, national and regional strikes, boycotting of some ministerial sanctions…

Today, the movement has been intensified again as a huge parcel of other social and public parties joined the protests against the ministry of education, in the fore of these new strikes are students themselves, in addition to jobless youth, college students, graduates, and the candidates for the upcoming teaching profession Exam, which allows to work as a public-sector teacher.

The exacerbation of the issue took place when the minister of education issued a decree that will eliminate candidates under the age of 30 years old, in addition to that, prioritizing holders of professional BA in public colleges as well as a pre-selection based on grades, years of study in college and other new points that were faced with a public outrage in the streets and social media.

“It’s not fair to rely on grades of candidates to pick the best, bearing in mind that grading in public colleges has never been transparent” said a protester.

The national coordination of contractual teachers, CNPCC in French, which was created back in 2018 when the government adopted contracting in teaching profession, though in the eyes of the state it has no lawful backgrounds, its voice is still echoing in the ears of the state.

CNPCC is the basis of all the contractual teachers'  protests and strikes and it has strived since its foundation to force the ministry of education to back down from its controversial decree.

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