3 shot and a suspect in custody in a Chicago mall shooting.

Police announced Thursday night that a suspect is in arrest after three ladies received non-life threatening injuries when they were caught in crossfire the day before Christmas Eve in a mall in suburban Chicago.

Another individual engaged in the shooting may still be at large, Oak Brook Police Chief James Kruger said during a news conference on Thursday. According to him, a man in his 30s who police believe is "one of the criminals from this episode" was also shot.

"It is our understanding that the two suspects involved in the shooting were known to each other and shot at each other, and the other victims were injured by ricochet gunfire that the two suspects had fired at each other," Kruger said during a news conference.

"It was ridiculous," Camila Reyes, an Oakbrook Center shopper". "It was a long day of filming. It was a long day of filming. It was quite loud." she said.

"Everyone was panicked," said Diane Sprague, another witness, to the news source.

According to police, the injured included two ladies in their 40s, a woman in her 20s, and the suspect. Another person hurt an ankle trying to flee the scene.

A car associated with a suspect was confiscated, and the motive is still being investigated, according to Kruger.

The mall was placed under lockdown as a result of the shooting, which occurred during a busy holiday shopping season.

"We attempted to keep everyone calm and safe by telling them to stay away from the windows. We secured the doors and kept a safe distance from the back entrance "WLS was informed by Sprague. "There were children, elderly people -- made sure everybody was not injured."

According to Kruger, around 100 police officers from local agencies, including the entire personnel of the Oak Brook Police Department, emptied the mall. After consumers and staff were advised to shelter in place while SWAT and tactical personnel scoured the area, they worked store by store.

The mall will reopen on Friday morning. 

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