After his Incredible body transformation, Conor is eager to get back

                                The "brick wall" is going to reclaim the order at UFC

During his sabbatical from the octagon, the typically lean and nasty Notorious has put on a lot of muscle.

In a recent conversation with one of his followers, the Irishman referred to himself as a "brick wall."

When a fan inquired if his head had been photo-shopped onto his body, McGregor replied, "No."

I'm just so much of a brick wall that I'm hidden behind the brick wall."

MMA superstar McGregor stated earlier this month that his relentless pumping of the iron has caused him to inflate up to a staggering 190lbs (86kg).

"190lbs of granite," he tweeted.

McGregor, 33, is now on the mend after suffering a devastating fractured leg in his July trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier.

The Irishman has recovered faster than expected from the horrific injury that caused him to lose his Sin City series showdown with The Diamond.

His manager, Auddie Attar of Paradigm Sports Management, recently told Sunsport: "He's already ahead of plan.

"We not only received our x-ray findings, but also our ultrasound and CT scan results.

"And when I look at the x-ray image, it's mending so wonderfully.

"He's only been out of the hospital for ten and a half weeks, and he's already walking.

"And he's doing things we don't want him to do, like throwing the first pitch at a Cubs game."

McGregor, a former two-division champion, is eager to return to the octagon next summer and plans to return to sparring in April.

During a recent late-night Twitter Q&A, he stated, "The fibula is completely healed."

"Nice callouses are also forming on the medial side of the tibia."

"Now it's simply a matter of waiting for it to develop down through the bone to the lateral side of the tibia where the greater break happened."

"It's on its way. Patience will get me through this race!"

"I will be fully mixed martial arts sparring by April," he subsequently stated. Easily!

"By then, a comeback will be on the horizon. But I have to be patient. I'm going to win!"

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