Amazon apologizes for Alexa's deadly challenge

 When requested, Amazon's Alexa will present customers with tasks to accomplish, but a mother was taken aback when the digital assistant suggested her 10-year-old daughter tackle a possibly lethal TikTok challenge.

On Sunday, Kristin Livdahl tweeted about the event, claiming that Alexa instructed her kid to 'plug up a phone charger roughly halfway into a wall socket, then touch a penny to the exposed prongs.'

Last year, the 'outlet challenge' was a TikTok fad in the United States.

'The tweet is not fraudulent,' an Amazon spokesman said. 'However, the challenge is no longer live.' We took immediate steps to resolve the problem as soon as we got aware of it.

Livdahl stated that she and her daughter were undertaking physical tasks suggested by Alexa, such as laying down and turning over, to relieve the aggravation of poor weather last Sunday when she heard the alarming advice.

According to Amazon, Alexa utilizes Bing as her primary search engine for all of her questions, and the firm encourages customers to assist improve the responses.

'Our consumers expect Alexa to become smarter and more useful to them on a daily basis,' according to the website. 'To do this, we utilize your Alexa queries to train our speech recognition and natural language comprehension algorithms with machine learning.'

Because Amazon utilizes Bing, the'outlet problem' most certainly arose, and Alexa repeated it to the mother and her 10-year-old daughter.

Informative video on the challenge

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