Can Verstappen Just Crash Into Hamilton and Win The Title?

It Happened Once, It could again.

 Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are equal in points heading into the last race of the Formula One season in Abu Dhabi. If both drivers compete, the Championship will most likely go to the driver who finishes first. However, if no driver finishes the race, Verstappen wins since he has one more victory than Hamilton. We've all been thinking it, so I'll question it directly: Should Verstappen simply crash into Hamilton and win the championship?

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. In 1990, Ayrton Senna, unquestionably a fan favorite, purposefully took out Alain Prost in order to win the World Championship. Senna denied it at the time, but later completely acknowledged to it.

When a film from that 1990 race was presented to the contemporary grid, Verstappen said, "I mean, why not?"

People have been talking about it so much that Red Bull CEO Christian Horner has had to come out and say that his driver would not use crash tactics.

What do you think. Should he?

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