Chile: The 31st Country To Recognize Same- Sex Marriage

 Chile has enacted marriage equality legislation, making it the world's 31st country to permit same-sex weddings. President SebastiĆ”n Piera is expected to sign it soon.

The new legislation in the country also amends some current ones to accommodate LGBTQ couples and removes other limitations.C

Chile has permitted couples to join civil unions, which give some protections but do not provide for parenthood or adoption rights.

The new legislation eliminates limitations for same-sex couples in the areas of parenting, adoption rights, and assisted reproduction. It also removes the necessity that transgender persons be divorced before their gender may be legally recognized.

Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Uruguay have all passed marriage equality legislation. Mexico, on the other hand, has chosen a piecemeal strategy. Twenty-four states permit same-sex weddings, but in the remaining eight, couples must get a court permission to marry.

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights decided in favor of marital equality in 2017. The rulings of the court are binding in the 20 member nations, including Chile, albeit not all have acted to execute the judgement.

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