Drunkest nation in the world


If you already thought it's the U.S. then you are mistaken.

A survey conducted internationally aimed at measuring alcohol and drug use in 2020 Resulted in giving Australians #1. They are according to the study,  intoxicated more times on average than any other country in the world. 

The global survey that targeted 32,000 people across 22 countries with questions about their substance use, found that an Australian citizen consumed alcohol to the point of drunkenness  roughly 27 times last year. Approximately more than a quarter of people asked said that they don't feel good abou it.

Denmark and Finland are just behind Australia with people in each country getting drunk around 24 times in 2020. The U.S. and the U.K round out the top 5. Americans said they were drunk around 23 times whereas people in United Kingdom said that they were intoxicated above 22 times. 

People all over the world said they experienced feelings of intoxication more than 14 times last year or more than once a month. Internationally, the main cause for regret, respondents said, was that they drank too much too quickly. 

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