First Press Photo leak of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22 Plus


Samsung is about to unveil the Galaxy S22 series in February, and we've already learned a lot about the smartphones. Aside from the pricing, there is nothing about the phones that we don't already know. However, a recent leak spotted gives us our first look at the press image of the series; namely the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Plus variant.

The leakage is not at all shocking given that we have seen such gadgets emerge in the past. So, this is just another leak that confirms our suspicions and informs us what the phones will be like.

The picture does confirm the presence of the S-Pen on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but we already knew that. The one thing that is clear here is that the design language on all of the phones is really distinct.

While the Galaxy S22 and Plus variants seem similar to its predecessors, the S22 Ultra looks completely different and more like a Galaxy Note handset, which, sadly, will no longer be available on the market.

Whatever the case, the more leaks we get, the more evidence we have that the phones are on their way, and there is very little left that can be termed a surprise.

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