High Court in UK overturns the judgement, allowing Assange to be extradited.


WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange

Julian Assange's attorneys aim to take his case to the Supreme Court, according to his girlfriend, following the High Court's approval of the Wikileaks founder's extradition to the United States.

Assange, 50, is wanted in the United States for an alleged plot to collect and divulge national defense material in the aftermath of Wikileaks.

In a statement issued on Friday, Assange's attorneys stated that they will appeal the ruling based on the guarantees to the UK Supreme Court within the required 14 days. They also stated that no appeal court has yet to consider challenges on other matters, such as free expression and the political motivations behind the US extradition request.

In January, judge Vanessa Baraitser determined that the "special administrative measures" anticipated to be imposed on Assange would have a serious detrimental impact on his mental health. She said Assange was "severely or moderately clinically depressed" throughout his time in London's Belmarsh jail and was deemed a suicide risk.

According to court filings, the US won its extradition petition for Assange because of "four guarantees" issued in a Diplomatic Note dated February 5, 2021.

These promises were that Assange would not be subjected to "special administrative measures," nor would he be incarcerated in a maximum security jail prior to or after his trial. Furthermore, the US would "agree" to Assange's request to be moved to Australia to complete his sentence if convicted, and Assange would get "adequate professional and psychiatric therapy" while in US prison.

According to court papers, the senior justices considering the appeal were satisfied that these guarantees addressed the concerns that caused the judge to make her ruling in January.

The justices ruled that the matter be returned to Westminster Magistrates' Court, with a district judge directing that the case be sent to the UK Home Secretary, who would decide whether or not Assange should be extradited to the US.

According to the judges, Assange will stay in jail. He is being imprisoned at London's Belmarsh Prison.

Assange was apprehended by London's Metropolitan Police in 2019 on bail-skipping charges and a separate extradition demand from the US Justice Department.

In 2015, Swedish prosecutors abandoned their investigation into sexual molestation and coercion against him, and in 2019, they dropped their investigation into rape charges against him. In that instance, Assange consistently denied any misconduct.

In July, an Ecuadorian court ruled that Assange's status as a naturalized citizen of Ecuador, which he received in December 2017 from then-President Lenn Moreno, should be cancelled.

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