Larg bird flu spreads across Isreal

 According to the Israel Parks Authority, a bird flu outbreak has killed over 2,000 wild cranes in a reserve in northern Israel, an exceptionally high toll for the seasonal disease.

According to Ohad Hatsofe, an expert at the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, another 10,000 people are estimated to be sick in addition to the 2,000 who have died

The virus strikes Israel every year, but this year's epidemic is substantially greater than prior years, according to Uri Naveh, a senior scientist at the authority.

The quantity of deceased cranes was termed as "extraordinary" by Naveh.

Like every year, about 100,000 wild cranes have arrived in Israel since October, with the majority halting in the Hula Valley, an essential stop on their migratory trip to Africa.

It is believed that around 40,000 cranes remained in the region.

H5N1, the avian flu that is devouring the population, has been identified in some chicken populations in northern Israel, according to Israel's agriculture ministry.

Egg sales from impacted farms have been halted by the ministry.

Although H5N1 epidemics among people are uncommon, they have occurred in the past.

Since 2003, H5N1 has killed over 450 people, mostly in Indonesia, Egypt, and Vietnam, according to the World Health Organization.

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