Latest data specify the unique symptom of Omicron

 As initial data on the omicron variety becomes available, one symptom stands out among the others: many infected people have reported experiencing a scratchy throat rather than a hurting throat.

A number of UK news agencies have covered this symptom, which first attracted attention when the first occurrences of the omicron form were recorded.

Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who was the first to find the COVID-19 omicron variation, described most of the symptoms as "very modest" while warning patients about what to look out for.

Unlike typical coronavirus patients and those with the delta version, the patient reported a scratchy throat rather than a hurting throat. He also didn't have a cough or lose his sense of taste or smell.

In mid-to-late November, the omicron variety was discovered in South Africa.

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that data gathered and evaluated from omicron patients revealed that this specific coronavirus type creates milder symptoms and may be delayed by immunizations, while it is still highly transmissible.

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