North Korea bans all celebrations to mourn late president's death

The ban includes laughing, consuming alcohol...

 North Koreans will either commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death or suffer the repercussions.

Kim Jong Il died ten years ago on December 17, opening the door for his son, Kim Jong Un, to take power. To commemorate the anniversary, the current leader has declared a ten-day national mourning period.

Citizens are not permitted to consume alcohol, laugh, or engage in recreational activities, according to a resident of the border city of Sinuiju who spoke to Radio Free Asia.

The person also claims that grocery shopping is prohibited on December 17.

"In the past, many individuals who were discovered drinking or inebriated during the mourning time were detained and punished as ideological criminals," the unidentified person stated. "They were kidnapped and never seen again."

Citizens will be unable to perform funeral rites or ceremonies, or even celebrate their own birthdays, if these events take place during the mourning period.

However, according to another source, police have been carrying out a similar directive since the beginning of the month to establish a proper attitude for the mourning period.

To remember Kim Jong Il's life, the administration has scheduled a public exhibition of his photography and art, a concert, and an exhibition of the Kimjongilia, a flower named after him.

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