On Christmas Eve, six individuals were shot in Allegheny County.

Six individuals were shot Friday night at a Swissvale house, according to Swissvale and Allegheny County police.

Around 4:30 p.m., police and emergency medical personnel were summoned to a residence near the junction of Schoyer Avenue and Monagahela Avenue.

According to investigators, all six persons, including the suspect, were shot and sent to the hospital. Their current circumstances are unclear.

The suspect is being investigated by police.

According to authorities, there was a gunfight between one of the deceased and the suspect.

"It's terrible," said a witness. "You'd hope that no one is losing a family member in this time of the year." That would be a disaster."

“Everybody’s really concerned because we really don’t have shootings in this part of the neighborhood,” she said.

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